2017-02-20: Finishing oxfoo1m3 crackme

On the last episode of Hacking Livestream (#10: Medium-hard RE challenge - see below) I've shown how to approach a medium-hard reverse-engineering challenge. The example I used was the oxfoo1m3 challenge found in the "Level5-professional_problem_to_solve" directory of crackmes.de archive (this one), which I picked using such complex criteria as "something that runs on Ubuntu" and "something 32-bit so people with the free version of IDA can open it". As expected (and defensively mentioned several time during the stream), I was not able to complete this challenge during the livestream itself (which is only one hour, and that includes news and updates, and Q&A). However I did finish the task two days ago. It turned out I was close to the goal - took only around 30 minutes of additional work (which makes me wonder if Level5 is actually close to an RE300 challenge; probably it's closer to RE200). Anyway, here is the promised part 2 of the solution.

Note 1: While I'll write down a short recap of the initial steps and discoveries, please take a look at the recording of the episode #10 for details (crackme starts at 15m40s). If you've already seen it, just jump to part 2 in the second half of this post.

Note 2: Since this post is meant to have some education value I'll assume that the readers have only basic knowledge on RE techniques, and therefore I'll try to be verbose on some topics which are most likely well known amongst the more senior folks.

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2017-01-09: Garść newsów: DS top 2, Sekurak/Offline #3

DS top2, p4 top5Pierwsze newsy z nowego roku:

  • Dragon Sector zakończył sezon 2016 na drugim miejscu - czyli udało nam się powtórzyć rezultat z 2015 :). Trochę więcej rozpisałem się kilka dni temu na moim FB, więc wspomnę jedynie, że na piątym miejscu sezon zakończył inny polski zespół - p4 - gratulacje!
  • Wyszedł Sekurak/Offline #3, czyli darmowy e-zin o bezpieczeństwie (głównie webowym) prowadzony przez ekipę serwisu sekurak.pl. Link do linków ;)
Na ten moment tyle. "Słoniem w pokoju", jak to lubią mawiać nasi zachodni znajomi, jest pytanie kiedy kolejny stream - prawdopodobnie dopiero w następnym tygodniu, ale jeszcze zobaczymy jak wyjdzie.

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