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A long time ago (in 2006) on a random IRC channel a friend of mine (fr3m3n, Hi!) came up with an idea, to make a compo (competition) for "the smallest Brainfuck compiler". The rules were:
  • The BF input source code was to be read from stdin.
  • The output executable was to be a DOS com file.
  • The output was to be written out to stdout.
  • The compiler had to properly compile three test files, out of which the last one was a bf hello world:
  • The compiler with the smallest compiler executable file wins! (the size of compiler-source-bf file and the size of the source code of the compiler did not matter).
  • (I don't remember now, but there were some rules about what can be assumed about the initial registry values)
I don't have to add that we all went for creating .com-compilers as .com files, right? :)

The contestants were j00ru, adam_i, fr3m3n and yours truly, and the results were (not sure if these were the final ones - these are the ones I found on my HDD):
  • adam_i, 126 bytes
  • j00ru, 163 bytes
  • me, 125 bytes
  • fr3m3n, 140 bytes (+-3 bytes, I used a different compiler now to compile his code)
However the order of the results is of no importance here, since all of the codes were quite impressive and used a lot of hacky assembly code.

That said, I did find my source code on the disk (actually I found the sources for all the entries, but I need to ping the authors whether I can publish them), so I decided to post it here (scroll down if you're interested).

A couple of notes about this though. But first, a proof it works on Windows 7 NTVDM:

bf125 working on windows 7

Sadly, that's not the case for DOSBox - it generates some faulty code and hangs. I did not dig into the details, but probably it has something to do with the assumptions about the initial values of the registers or flags.

Furthermore, the compiler works OK with the hello world code from the rules, and with a few more simple programs. That said, it doesn't generate proper code for more complicated code. Again, I did not dig into this, so I don't know why. By design it should be a proper compiler, but I guess something went astray during the executable-size-optimization process.

Still, I decided to post this as a note, since someone might find some ideas I used in the code entertaining. You can also compare differences between versions to see how exactly the size optimization was achieved (see link below).

(random note to self: we must repeat a similar compo some day; this one was fun :)

UPDATE: Peter Ferrie made a 109 byte version. This is getting serious ;>

Appendix: Gynvael's

Note: Other versions (source + binaries) and the test file are available here.

[bits 16]
[org 0x100]

; assume bp=091e used
; assume di=fffe
; assume si=0100
; assume dx=????
; assume cx=00ff used
; assume bx=0000 used
; assume ax=0000 used
; assume sp=fffe

; -------------------------------------
  ;mov al, code_start_end - start
  mov al, code_nothing - start

  mov ch, 0x75
  push cx
  mov di, cx
  rep stosb
  pop di
  jmp short code_start_end

; -------------------------------------
  pop bx
  ;assume cx = 0
  xor [di], cl ; prev: test byte [di], 0xff
  jnz short loop_right_end_2
  inc cx
    inc bx
    mov al, [bx]
    cmp al, 0xC3 ; ret
    jne short loop_right_sth
    dec cx
    jz short loop_right_end
    cmp al, 0xBB ; mov bx
    jne short loop_right
    inc cx
    jmp short loop_right
  ; stupid nasm can't do good lea
  ; lea ax, [bx - 5]
  db 0x8d, 0x47, - (code_sqleft_next_end - code_sqleft_next)
  push ax 

  inc bx
  push bx
  db '$'
  db 0xff
; -------------------------------------

  ; create lookup table
  ; mov byte [di+'+'], code_inc - start
  ; stupid nasm can't make mov byte [di+byte '+'] --;
  ;db 0xC6, 0x45, '<', code_left - start
  inc byte [di+'<']
  ;db 0xC6, 0x45, '>', code_right - start
  dec byte [di+'>']
  db 0xC6, 0x45, '[', code_sqleft - start
  db 0xC6, 0x45, ']', code_sqright - start
  lea sp, [di+45+2]
  push (code_dec - start) + (code_dot - start) * 256
  push (code_inc - start) + (code_comma - start) * 256
  ; assume sp 43

  ; startup code
  mov dx, code_start
  jmp short write

  ; switch
  xchg al, bl
  mov dl, [di+bx]
  ; write
  mov ax, bp
  ; mov ah, 9
  int 0x21
  ; read
  mov ah, 0x06
  mov dl, 0xff
  int 0x21
  jnz pre_write


  mov dl, code_end - start
  ;mov dx, code_end
  ;mov ah, 9
  mov ax, bp
  int 0x21
  mov ah, 0x4c
  int 0x21
  inc byte [di] 
  db '$'

  mov ax, 0x100 + find_right - code_start
  call ax
  inc di
  db '$'
  dec di
  db '$'
  dec byte [di] 
  db '$'

  mov byte [di], 0xff
  mov dl, [di]
  mov ah, 6
  int 0x21
  mov [di], al
  db '$'
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