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Works both with Python 2.7 and Python 3.X on Linux and Windows. Technically it's a snippet from my ReRe CTF challenge (RE 500) published (with sources) on my blog.

import time
import math
import ctypes
import os
import hashlib
import sys
import colorsys

WINNT = == 'nt'

def InitStuff():
  # Linux-only stuff.
  if not WINNT:

    # TermIOs library.
    global termios
    import termios

    # Select library.
    global select
    import select

    # fcntl and ioctl stuff.
    global fcntl
    import fcntl

    # Your favorite structure module.
    global struct
    import struct
  # And now for some Windows-only stuff.
  if WINNT:
    # kernel32.dll handle.
    global K32, CRT
    K32 = ctypes.windll.kernel32
    CRT = ctypes.cdll.msvcrt

    # Active Console Screen Buffer and Active Console Input Buffer
    ACSB = K32.GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE)
    ACIB = K32.GetStdHandle(STD_INPUT_HANDLE)

    # CONSOLE_CURSOR_INFO used to hide the cursor.
    class CONSOLE_CURSOR_INFO(ctypes.Structure):
      _fields_ = [
        ("dwSize", ctypes.c_uint),
        ("bVisible", ctypes.c_int)  # Uhm, yes, BOOL == int.

def ChangeConsoleMode_Windows(add, chmode):
  mode = ctypes.c_uint()
  K32.GetConsoleMode(ACIB, ctypes.byref(mode))

  if add:
    mode.value |= chmode
    mode.value &= (~chmode) & 0xffffffff

  K32.SetConsoleMode(ACIB, mode)  

def ChangeConsoleMode_Linux(add, idx, chmode):
  mode = termios.tcgetattr(0)  # STDIN

  if add:
    mode[idx] |= chmode
    mode[idx] &= (~chmode) & 0xffffffff

  termios.tcsetattr(0, termios.TCSADRAIN, mode)

def ChangeBuffering(on):
  if not WINNT:
    ChangeConsoleMode_Linux(on, 3, termios.ICANON)

  ChangeConsoleMode_Windows(on, 2)

def ChangeEcho(show):
  if not WINNT:
    ChangeConsoleMode_Linux(show, 3, termios.ECHO)

  ChangeConsoleMode_Windows(show, 4)

def ChangeCursor(show):
  if not WINNT:

  if not show:
    ChangeCursor.arch = CONSOLE_CURSOR_INFO()
    K32.GetConsoleCursorInfo(ACSB, ctypes.byref(ChangeCursor.arch))

    new_info = CONSOLE_CURSOR_INFO(0, 0)
    K32.SetConsoleCursorPosition(ACSB, ctypes.byref(new_info))

  # Show.
  K32.SetConsoleCursorPosition(ACSB, ctypes.byref(ChangeCursor.arch))

def MaybeGetChar():
  if not WINNT:
    dr, dw, de =[sys.stdin], [], [], 0)
    if not dr:
      return None

  if CRT._kbhit():
    return chr(CRT._getch())
  return None


  input = ""
  while True:
    ch = MaybeGetChar()
    if ch is None:
      print ("YOU PRESSED: " + repr(ch) + " " + str(ord(ch)))

except KeyboardInterrupt:
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