2014-03-27: Integer overflow into XSS and other fun stuff - a case study of a bug bounty

Some time ago I decided to spend a few evenings playing with bug bounties. I've looked around and finally decided to focus on Prezi, since, being a user of their product, I was already somewhat familiar with it. As I seem to be naturally drawn to low-level areas, this quickly turned into an ActionScript reverse-engineering exercise with digging into the internals of SWF file format. I found a couple of interesting and fun bugs (e.g. an integer overflow that led to ActionScript code execution - you don't commonly see these this far from the C/C++ kingdom), and a few of them are worth sharing in my opinion.

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2014-03-25: Dragon Sector TOP1 na Insomni'hack w Genewie, oraz kilka innych spraw

W ubiegły czwartek udaliśmy się do Genewy na Insomni'hack (wspominałem o nim przy okazji innego wpisu) - offline'owy CTF w stylu jeopardy z drużynami ograniczonymi do maksymalnie ośmiu osób. Nasz Dragon Sector reprezentowali j00ru, valis, Keidii, Redford, q3k, mak, tkd, oraz ja (patrz zdjęcie na dole postu). Podczas prawie dziesięciogodzinnej batalii (od około 18:30 do 4:00 w nocy) udało nam się najpierw wywalczyć przewagę, a następnie utrzymać ją do końca, zajmując ostatecznie pierwsze miejsce! Przy okazji wykorzystam ten post do innych update'ów związanych z DS.

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  • Ent is an entropy measuring tool for reverse engineering reconnaissance (see also a post explaining how to use it).
  • HiperDrop is a simple command line process memory dumper for Windows, with a few different work modes.
  • asmloader - this little app executes headerless machine code (compiled assembly code). It's meant to be an aid in learning/teaching and playing with assembly, as well as the right tool when you just need to execute some machine code.
  • NetSock is a simple socket/networking lib/wrapper for C++ I've wrote back in 2003 and update from time to time - I use it for most of my network-enabled projects.
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