New layout

As you can see, Xa is a man of his word - he threatened me that he will make a new lay, and he did make it ;>
Some things are still are to be "styled", some require minor polish, but all together, the layout is in place.

I would like to thank Xa Hellwing for this new lay. It's much better (especially from a technical point of view) then my last one imho. Good work Xa ;*

Feel free to comment the new lay, suggest some changes, or point out glitches, etc (yes Unav, you can send me even more layout-bug-reports ;D).

P.S. This is the first layout for my blog that was not made in MS Paint ;D (not counting the default templates for Wordpress, etc).


2009-01-31 08:40:22 = PintSizedCat
New layout is very nice.
btw, love the blog, keep it up, very interesting stuff.
2009-01-31 08:56:27 = Gynvael Coldwind
Glad you like it;>

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