Below are places some tools I've made (by myself or in cooperation) - some of them I still develop, some are finished, and some are left as they are. Most of them (if not all) are open source (usually BSD style license). Comments are welcomed :)

Tool Description
ExcpHook 0.0.5-rc2 Exception monitor (kernel level) for Windows.
A post about ExcpHook 0.0.5-rc2
Ent 0.0.3 File entropy measurement tool.
A post about Ent 0.0.3
A post about entropy measurement
ANSI Hack 0.004d Patch for cmd.exe that adds support for ANSI escape codes to the internal cmd.exe commands - this allows to set colorful prompts, and do other fun stuff.
A post about ANSI Hack 0.004d
A post about ANSI Hack internals
HiperDrop A simple command line process memory dumper for Windows. Basically, it attaches to a process, read the whole memory (unlike LordPE / OllyDump, this tool is design to download the whole memory of the process), and saves it to disk.
A post about HiperDrop 0.0.1
asmloader A simple app to test machine code snippets - it loads machine code to executable memory and executes it (32-bit only, Windows+*nix)
Post about Simplified Assembly Loader (in Polish)
PiXiEServ A simplified PXE (network boot) server for Windows and Linux-based OS. Made by me and j00ru for testing of very small home-made OS.
Post about PiXiEServ
NetSock 2012.11.18
A simple networking (socket) library for C++ for Windows and systems based on Linux kernel.
A post about the newest version of NetSock
Initial post about NetSock


2019-11-03 04:55:38 = Technic
Not even joking, I discovered this page on accident and I have to say I love what you are doing man, great stuff :)
2020-03-04 16:48:34 = nemo
Can you tell me which linux subsystem are you using?
2020-03-04 16:57:58 = Gynvael Coldwind
I'm not using a linux subsystem, but rather Ubuntu Server on a headless VirtualBox VM.

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