NetSock version 2012.11.18

I've published the newest version of NetSock, my simple C++ socket library (think TCP and UDP) for Windows and Linux, that's distributed under the terms of Apache License, Version 2.0. There aren't many changes (just one new function) so there is little need to upgrade (if anyone is actually using it).

Download link: NetSock-2012.11.18.zip (6KB)
(Please note that this is distributed as a pair of .h and .cpp, not a proper library, so it's more for embedding into your project than "installing" as a library.)

Changelog from last published version (that was 2011.10.13):

*** version 2012.11.18

- fixed a bug in ReadAll where the function didn't add the proper
offset to receiving buffer in second and next packets

*** version 2012.06.03

- added ReadAll function that reads the data until the buffer is
all filled up, not returning earlier (unless there was an error)

And that's that.


2012-11-23 16:05:16 = moon

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