Few random things

Recently I didn't have much time to post on my blog, but a few small things came up, and I decided they won't take to much time to publish.

As you may know, I like checking HTTP referrers of people entering my blog. Recently, I've noticed some false referrers, that in truth, are just spam. A few examples:

[url=http://wis.dm/users/74357-buycheapacomplia]acomplia diet pills[/url]

The most interesting is the second one - looks like someone targets BBCode-capable websites. Interesting.
Some time ago I was thinking about such referrer use (theoretically ofc), but this shows that I'm way behind the spam-guys, that already use it ;D

Personally, I think this method of advertisement actually works in my case - I've entered the sites out of plain curiosity (wanting to know why 'casino.ru' links me). Also, I've added a few blogs to my RSS reader thanks to the referrers ;>  

Another thing interesting in referrers are the search engine queries that lead to ones website. One can really be surprised to learn what queries lead to his site.
Below, I present some queries from the last period of time (the Polish ones were translated to English, and I attached a comment to each (sorry for the sarcasm ;p)):

www.peb.pl are modulators - no, sorry, my blog won't help you with this
abc123 captcha decoder cpp - hmm, it's a good idea for a post, I'll write someday about it
night vision for bat - there was no night vision for bat when I've learned it O_O
field of square under linux - ehm? does the field of a square differ under Windows and Linux? ;D
ACCESS DENIED on nasza klasa how to bypass - (nasza klasa is one of the biggest Polish social sites) looks like this phenomena has arrived to my blog as well
Babylon A.D uncut version where to download - I don't know, but I'm waiting for it too
in start files there was no call to mouse driver - hmm, yes, it happens sometimes, ^_-
UFO alien invasion 2.2.1 cheat - nope, no UFO AI cheats here
koldwind - Coldwind, with a C ;>
Kold Wind - really, Coldwind, written with no break, with a C ;>
Program draws sinus function in tp - nope, only in C/C++
cheats for cod4 for weapons and lvl download - really, no cheats here... maybe anti-cheats someday, but cheats? nope
direction of antenna setup for TV TD in Wroclaw - huh, I don't even have a TV!
ready images on keyboard - once again my blog does not provide an answer
cottony wool paper hand made - I like this one ;D but hmm, could someone tell me wtf is "cottony wool paper"?
having vectors draw a fragment of network +neural network - is this some kinda of a trick question?
my .dll on my mp5 was erased - no idea, really
application setup adding fictional effects - fictional effects? meaning what? "and now dear audience, imagine yourself an effect"?
"Create a function, that returns 0 when is correctly executed and 0 when an error takes place. In the parameter list there should be given the number of divisions, in which the number of employees is lower then the second parameter. Catch exception, if there is no such division or when the total number of emplyees is lower then the parameter of the function" - has someone added a new functionality to google behind my back? like... "paste an assignment and I'll write out code"? ;p
funny slides - haha, this is the best description of my slides I've seen ;D
learn exact addre by ip no hackme - hack me hack you - sorry, this option is available only in the premium version of this blog ;pp
blue foundation quake 3 - you need blue face powder or foundation in a cream, and after applying, put the skin on

One time there even was a short series of simmilar queries:
an application drawing a figure in assembler under masm32 - hmm, a figure,
an application drawing a square in assembler in masm32 - yes, square is 'less' then a figure
an application drawing a circle in assembler in masm32 - because a circle is a simpler square ;D

And here is the winner of the 'best searchengine query used to find my blogs':
two day bleeding implementation - OK. I don't get it ;D When I was in school, one implemented two day bleeding with his fists after the school (well, I didn't implement it, but others sometimes did). But hmm, it seems that the times have changed, and now the new students are interested in knowing new, more interesting perhaps, methods to implement dwo day bleeding ;D

I would also like to say 'hi' to few blog-admins who visited my site from their panels (Hi! ;>), and also to guys from a Turkish forum that linked my post about transferring data between a PC and CPC464 (really, I have no idea what you are writing, I hope it's nice anyway ;>).

And thats all for now. I have a few post ideas, which I hope to publish in a few days ;>

Speaking of spam with random subjects. I think someone wanted to make a few adjustments, because I've just got a spamail with another piece of generator being broken:

SUBJECT: {soft_spain_subject_random}
FROM: {$soft_spain_sender_25.12} xsjim@riverflow.com

In the source of the message one can find (in the HTML section) the generator:
<meta name=Generator content="Microsoft Word 11 (filtered medium)">

Interesting ;D

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