Well, this post in the Polish side of the mirror is much longer, since most of the conferences I'm going to attend (as an participant or a speaker) in this half of 2009 are Polish-language conference.

As far as English-language conferences go, I'll be on CONFidence 2009 (as a participant only) - it's imho THE best English-language security conference in Poland. So, If anyone would like to drink a beer (well, orange juice in my case) with me, just let me know ;>

Well, just to let you know, the other Polish conferences that I'll attend will be:
IGK - A game developer conference overrun by people from the Polish game dev site GameDev.pl. As always, a team 8 hour game compo should take place there, which I hope to take part in (it happens so that last year we won, so we should try and defend the title ;>)
SysDay - The first edition of a new line (?) of security conferences called SysDay. I'm going to speak there about return-oriented exploiting, mostly about automating the process of creating complex exploits.
SEConference - A free, one-day, security conference. I'll speak there about documentation-based vulnerability hunting.

I'll try to write a paper (in English) about both things I'll speak about on the conferences, but since I have a serious lack of time, it might come out with a large delay (but you are used to it right?.... right?).

And thats that ;>

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