After the march 3h GDPL compo...

Sunday, from 5pm till 8pm, another gamedev.pl compo took place. This time, it was a 3 hour compo during which one had to create a 'game that has both a cow and a pig' (a strange topic I must say). I don't have to much time recently, but I've figured that 3 hours is a period I can manage to find, especially Sunday. So, after I got a 'go' from my beloved wife, I took part in the March GDPL 3h Compo.

I must admit that this is the first so show compo I ever took part in - 3 hours to make a game, huh. Additionally, all the art/sound/etc also had to be created during the compo, and one could not use the art provided by others (sorry xa, not this time). I must say, it were the most intense 3 hours ;D

The quality of the presented games, and there were totally 28 games presented (available for download here or here, most are however in Polish), has surprised me (in a positive sense) - most are really playable, and some are like a time black hole - you start playing and the time passes, and you still play, and so on. I've played the longest in Reg's (a simfarm type sim, in which we breed cows and pigs) and KK (ASCII art game in a graphical mode, a Mario clone with a cow 'Mario' and pig 'turtles', really worth seeing, very dynamic) games.

Whats perhaps more interesting, is that even when C++ dominated, there still were a few games made in Python (by Kosz85 and BrutalComputer), Java (by TeMPOraL) and D (by frakpp). Additionally, waldek has provided both a Windows and 'Linux' executable. In addition to that, most games used cross-platform libs (SDL, allegro) - I must admit, I really like this cross-platform tendency.

As for my game, I created a turret defense clone (or a tower defense clone, whatever) in OpenGL+SDL+C++ (I didn't compile it under OS X nor Linux-based OS'es, but it should compile and work without to much problems). In my game the zombie-pigs and zombie-cows go from point A on the map to point B, and the user has to stop them. To do that, one places cannons (which can be upgraded to level 2 and level 3 cannons) that one buys for the money one earns by neutralizing the zombie-cows-and-pigs - be sure to checkout the gameplay video below (or maybe even download the game and play a while ;>). I've made the GFX in the so called meantime ("there little meantime in three hours is" - an old Egyptian saying) in MSPaint and GIMP - so don't expect much.

As always, the source is available at the end - one important remark: it was a 3 HOUR COMPO, there is almost a thousand lines of code, so don't expect readability or correctness. In fact, it's better for your health that you don't look at the source code at all ;D

Summing up the written part, big respect for everyone that took part in the compo! I'll allow myself to "enumerate" their names:

Adde, Anonim, BrutalComputer, Charibo, compawo, dabroz, freakpp, Invi, KK, Kos, Kosz85, Lavi, Maskl, menajev, mi-ku, oshogbo, Pastan, piotrek89, Rafal Si, Reg, Scorpide, Sethis, sobol, TeMPOraL, wladek, Yarek, yomyn

And now, the multimedia part!

postcompo3h.zip (0.5 MiB) - executable (win32) + source (controls - arrows + space to buy/upgrade)

A screenshot from my game:
sim farm crossed with starcraft UMS

Link do AVI: gyncompo2.avi (28mb, 7 min 32 sec)

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