CONFidence 2.0, slideshow, SilkProxy 0.0.1

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Below I present the download links for the slideshow (PDF) from my "Practical security in computer games" lecture, and a 0.0.1 alpha version of SilkProxy. A few more words about that last position: it's a multi-tunnel written in C++, scriptable in Python, that can be used for a few various things like protocol analysis, network traffic fuzzing or as a proxy/tunnel for some application. The version I publish is the version I've used while doing research for my lecture, and it's an alpha version - it means that not everything works as I would like it to work, the python API is undocumented, and some functionality is still (like replaying packets/network traffic and application-replay tunnel) missing - so, currently it might interest some curious programmers, but it's not yet usable for most of the researchers. However, I encourage you to take a look at it anyway (see the http.py script for a simple usage example; you run it by typing ./SilkProxy script.py, however the script is optional; to compile it you need to have Python installed with libs/headers, and GCC compiler (MinGW is OK)) ;>

* CONFidence200902_GynvaelColdwind.pdf (3 MB, PDF) - slideshow
* silkproxy_alpha.zip (45 KB, ZIP, C++) - SilkProxy 0.0.1

And that's it.

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