HITB Magazine (ezin) #1

The Hack In The Box ezine, which was published in the years 2000-2005 (37 issues total) has been revived! The newest issue contains 6 articles (including mine), which gives 44 pages of text, in PDF (link below). Imho it's worth taking a look. It's very possible your find something interesting for yourself there :)

Article list:
- p. 03 - Exception Detection on Windows (by me)
- p. 07 - The Art of DLL Injection (by Christian Wojner, CERT.at)
- p. 09 - LDAP Injection. Attack and Defense Techniques (temat numeru, by Esteban Guillardoy, Facundo de Guzman, Hernan Abbamonte)
- p. 18 - Xprobe2-NG. Low Volume Remote Network Information Gathering Tool (by Fedor V. Yarochkin. Ofir Arkin (Insightix), Meder Kydyraliev (Google), Shih-Yao Dai, Yennun Huang (Vee Telecom) and Sy-Yen Kyo)
- p. 25 - Malware Obfuscation. Tricks and Traps (by Wayne Huang, Armorize Technologies)
- p. 39 - Reconstructing Dalvik Applications Using UNDX (by Marc Schönefeld)

Download: HITB-Ezine-Issue-001.pdf

Comments about my article are mostly welcomed :)


2010-01-11 16:56:58 = Tomasz Miklas
Congrats on the article - IMHO well written good stuff!
Hope to see you again at the next conf ;-)
2010-01-16 01:08:48 = Gynvael Coldwind
@Tomasz Miklas
Don't worry, I'm sure we'll meet again on some conf ;>

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