About a month ago I've sent a CFP submission for the Hack In The Box 2010 Dubai conference, and yesterday I've officially got informed that my lecture was accepted! So, it looks like I'll be speaking in Dubai, 21th or 22th of April, about recent Windows vulnerabilities found by j00ru and me :)

As for "what vulnerabilities?" - I've already written about one a few weeks ago. The other vulnerabilities will be published/patched a week before the conference itself (they will be still hot and fresh ;>).
So, If anyone is going to the HITB Dubai, please let me know - the more, the merrier :)

If your interested in the details about the bugs, but will not go to HITB Dubai, nothings logs! Probably (that is if the CFP submission will be accepted) together with j00ru (who sadly can't go to Dubai with me ;<) we'll talk about the same vulnerabilities in Poland in May on the CONFidence 2010 conference in Krakow (I repeat: IF our paper will be accepted) ;>
(I'm afraid I'll withhold the publishing of the Dubai presentation until after-CONFidence)

Thats that...

HITB Dubai page

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