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recon:swars:syndicate wars
A very short post - the slides from out presentation from RECON 2010 about the Syndicate Wars Port:

recon_swars.pdf (1MB)

I'll write more later ;)


2010-07-11 22:37:49 = asf
So cool that you guys did this (and actually completed it)
2010-07-12 23:34:37 = Gynvael Coldwind
Yeah, it was a great project ;) But it took as a while to complete...
Well, actually there is still the multiplayer missing hehe ;>
2010-12-31 00:28:39 = Industrialphreak
you guys absolutely rock. Kinda a *nix neewb here having hell of a time trying to compile it on my ubuntu box, any idea if you guys will get a *.deb binary available let alone possibly get it added to the repository's?

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