CONFidence 2010 - video from our lecture about the Windows vulnerabilities

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The videos from some CONFidence 2010 lectures have been published. Inter alia, the video from my and j00ru's lecture "Case study of recent Windows vulnerabilities" is available. The video is in a downloadable form (i.e. no online player is currently available).

http://2010.confidence.org.pl/materials - The page with the materials
Video from our lecture (680 MB)

I've looked briefly at the above recording, and I'm able to say the the sound quality is good, the video quality is excellent, and the video assembly is just great :)
Well, my English capabilities seem a littllleeee weak in comparison ;p So I advise you to turn on you "fuzzy logic" and get ready for some strange accent and awkward grammar.

Anyway, have fun ;)

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