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Welcome back after a short break! The break was sponsored by relocating to another country, and so, by having to get the internet access installed at my new flat. Well, it's time for some random annoucements...  


Since my stuff hasn't arrived yet from Poland (the furniture, rest of the hardware, etc), I cannot upload the new HWFramework source, nor finish the new blog Engine, nor sit comfortably when I code (yep, the chairs & desks are also in transport ;p). So, all the things I could do now must wait a few more weeks. Blah ;p

Also, I might be less accessible on jabber/IRC in the few next weeks, for the above reasons.

As for other things... Switzerland is quite beautiful :) (some pictures are at the bottom of this post)
Actually, I'm very positively surprised! Some of the things I really like here:
- Acquiring internet access from ISP is very simple (I would like to thank Robert for helping me with this). Well, it's 10 times simpler than in Poland - you just enter the ISP website, fill some form and click a couple of time, and that's it. The modem arrives a few days later via mail, you plug it in, and it works. Done. Nothing more to do. There are no ISP-staff running around the flat installing cables, you don't have to wait in a 30-minute queue at the ISP office to sign a contract, and you don't have to bring a certificate how big your... foot is ;p
- Fast internet connection! Technically, I live in a small village, but, even so, I could choose with up to 100mbit/s (down) connections :)
- Ninja-trains! Actually these are suburban trains that are silenced inside, so there is no high-sound-level discomfort when you go to work.
- And, you can safely go on a walk at any time of day and night :)

As far as my new job is concerned, hehe, I think I'm going to like this whole Google thing ;D

lake, mountains

lake, mountains


And that's that :)

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