Random #2

Another portion of things that I found interesting. Mostly (but not only) low-level stuff.

-=*) Research (Windows internals)
“Why you shouldn't allocate usermode memory from PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine routine callbacks”. Worth to know :)

-=*) Low-Level
A simulator (don't confuse with an "emulator") of 6502 CPU, written in Python and/or JavaScript. Just awesome.

-=*) Low-Level
An interesting case study of ROR instruction on early versions of MOS 6502. It's something for those interested in computer history, especially on assembly/CPU level.

-=*) Gamedev
Balllloooooooon project published a new screenshot. Reminds me of Magic Carpet (must be the balloon :)

-=*) Code
Ah... sometimes I dream of a package system full of ready-to-use libraries for C/C++ for Windows. Alas, I am yet to find such a thing. Of course, there some package systems already exist, e.g. the http://devpaks.org/, but I'm talking about some really popular package system (i.e. having many more miscellaneous libraries).
If you're a dev on Windows, you probably went a few times through the Compilation Labyrinth and the FUUU Path when trying to compile some random open source library with your favorite compiler. Well, in the above link we have just another example of that ;)

-=*) Security
An interesting idea: a location on the map instead of a normal typed-in password! If sounds like the extension of the idea of selecting a few places on an image/photo.
However, the biggest problem here imo is the "coverness" of the password. I mean, let's say I have a 20' LCD. And what? Am I supposed to resize down the browser window to some drastically low size and try to cover it with my hand when I select the secret location? What about malware that makes screenshots?
Well, but all in all it goes in the right direction. It just might be applicable in some places, and not applicable in others.

-=*) Low-Level
j00ru has published a post about the SecDay conference, where he talked about differences in exploiting on Windows between x86 and x86-64. Alas, both the post and the slides are in Polish.

-=*) Electronics
Lazarus-64 Retro Game System prototype. Looks cool :)

-=*) Low-Level + Games
This you just have to see for yourself :)
It reminds me of a game-of-life CPU made as a Java applet (but it seems I've misplaced the link ;<)

And thats that.

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