HITB eZine 004 is out

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Yep, the fourth issue of the Hack In The Box Magazine is out! There is some cool stuff there, including a few reader chosen papers from previous issues.


Anyways, j00ru has two papers in the new issue, that would be:
* Custom console hosts on Windows 7 - The console architecture in Windows 7 has changed a lot. The console is no longer handled by the SYSTEM-privileged csrss.exe. This task has been assigned to a new being called Conhost.exe, which runs with user privileged (good choice!). If you're into Windows, I really recommend this paper :)
* Windows Objects in Kernel Vulnerability Exploitation - This is one of the Readers Choice articles from previous issues, reprinted in this issue. Have fun if you've missed it last time :)

Other articles in this issue include:
* Notorious Datacenter Servers Support System Pwning Through Outer Sphere by Aditya K. Sood, Rohit Bansal
* Stepping Through a Malicious PDF Document by Didier Stevens
* Decrypting TrueCrypt Volumes with a Physical Memory Dump by Jean-Baptiste Bedrune
* Reconstructing Dalvik applications using UNDX by Marc Schonefeld
* Ubuntu For Non-Geeks (Book Review) by Rickford Grant with Phil Bull
* Aditya Sood (Interview) talks with Zarul Shahrin

And that's that.


2010-10-14 12:43:19 = mt3o
Coś się chyba gdzieś posypało, bo chwilowo nie można pobrać magazynu...
2010-10-15 22:30:44 = przemoc
Another articles that should be read. Why natural day has only 24 hours...
Is moving toward English content a result of some reprimand from Google? ;)
(You know Gyn, our translator is still not that good, so do not write in Polish, ok?)

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