Security Days 6


Well, this is the first post that will differ from the polish version, since it's about a polish security tournament... which is in polish. In the polish version of the news I invited readers to participate in the tournament, but since it's the tournament is in polish anyway, it is without a reason to do the same. In that case this will be a purely personal blog entry.

In two weeks the Security Days 6 security tournament will start. As usual (for the third time) I'll participate in the tournament, and try to do my best (however the competition is strong, and I have a lot of respect for them, and I know they will do their best too). Last year I've managed to win the whole tournament, so I guess I have no choice but to defend that title =^^=. The year before I was second to Arigo, who owned the tournament.

The tournament has two parts - an online Hack Me challenge where anyone can participate (if he can read polish task descriptions that is ;/), and then the 5 people that get the most points, are invited to the offline part, which is similar, except that there are more challenges (last year there were 5), and less time (5h instead of 24h). It's tournament is very interesting, and people You get to meet at the offline part are really a cool bunch ;>

Well, I guess I'll write something after the Internet part, just to fill the space ;p

Just in case, here is the link to the tournament if You get interested in learning polish (it's not an easy language though).

Strona Security Days 5

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