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A video recording of Unavowed's and mine lecture from Recon 2010 was published yestarday (about porting Syndicate Wars to modern OSes). You might (or might not ;>) find this interesting :)

Recon 2010 - Syndicate Wars Port: How to port a DOS game to modern systems - Gynvael Coldwind and Unavowed

Also, be sure to check out the The tale of Syndicate Wars Port post on this blog and the Swars project homepage.

And that's that.

P.S. Actually I wanted our presentation to be called "Syndicate Wars Port Tale - To DOS and back again", but Unavowed pointed out that some guy already was using this schema ;p


2019-10-30 08:48:15 = Ange
"This item is no longer available." :(
2019-10-30 08:55:27 = Gynvael Coldwind
Ah, right :)
Anyway, mirror: https://infocon.org/cons/REcon/REcon%202010/REcon%202010%20videos/

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