Mateusz Pstruś (the owner of - a site with a lot of interesting hackmes/challenges) has informed me that there will be a team Capture the Flag on Security Traps in September.

Some random info
- The official CTF site: http://capturetheflag.securitytraps.2012/ (ekhem, sic; hint: same server as
- When: 7 September 2012 (be sure to double check the date from time to time)
- Team: max 3 people (need to register + create a team)
- Tasks: 3*PHP/MySQL hackme, 1*JS hackme, 2*Win32 crackme, 1*C++ riddle ('Bonus' whatever that means)
- Rules: 100 points for each completed task at start. If someone solves the task, the points for it get decreased at a rate 1 point per hour. The CTF ends when the points for all tasks get to 0.
- Prizes: Eternal fame I guess - it's a hackers-for-hackers type of event, so there is no money behind it, just fun :)

Anyways, the challenges at ST are usually really unique and non-trivial so I expect it's going to be interesting ;>

P.S. No, I don't know why lately all the hacker tournaments / challenges are called CTF. And no, there will (probably) be no flags (unless we're talking about EFLAGS that is ;p).

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