cr-gpg 0.8.2, a couple of bugs

Seems a new version - 0.8.2 - of cr-gpg (the GPG browser extension for Gmail for Chrome) was released today, so a brief note on a few bugs I reported in late August.

The cr-gpg extension for Chrome/Gmail consists of a couple of html/js files + a native .dll/.so/.dylib that basically was an interface for calling the console command gpg (in old version), or for GPGME (current/new version).

So I guess "calling the console command" spoils the surprise - yes, a few of these bugs were shell injections in various places. The most interesting one was the recipient e-mail address in case of replying to an e-mail and encrypting it - you can set the Reply-To: field to anything of course - kudos to Tavis for this idea (my ideas were a MITM scenario with http://mail.google.com - see other bugs; or an XSS on said site invoking the plugin).
E.g.: Reply-To: `echo${IFS}blabla`@gmail.com. See also some pictures below (click to zoom).

The rest of the bugs were:
* While encrypting an e-mail, the /tmp/outputMessage.txt had -rw-rw-r-- rights. Please remember, that it's encrypted; the only thing it could be used for is learning who is the e-mail to, in case the attacker/sniffer can match the key ID. So this was a minor privacy issue at most.
* The manifest allowed http://mail.google.com/ to use cr-gpg. This might aid an attacker in a MITM scenario (MITM → redirect any page to http://... → JS → shell exec).
* (Discovered later): XSS in message body (well, you decrypt the message and u get XSSed; kinda bad).

Anyways, this all is fixed now in 0.8.2 (it's still considered to be alpha btw).

* 22 Aug 2012 - initial report; ack from the cr-gpg guys (thinkst.com)
* 01 Sep 2012 - most fixed; reported the XSS
* 16 Sep 2012 - all fixed in repository
* 26 Sep 2012 - 0.8.2 officially out

The authors were really responsive and fixed the issues fast. Kudos for that :)

Two more things:
1. The authors were working on GPGME version of cr-gpg at the time of report anyways, so the shell injections would be fixed even without me reporting this.
2. Funny story - Krzysztof Kotowicz (Hi ;>) discovered and reported the shell injections and XSS c.a. at the same time. He also showed these bugs today on a conference in Belgium.

Changed in 0.8.2 :
Fixed a number of security issues reported by both Gynvael Coldwind (http://gynvael.coldwind.pl/) and Krzysztof Kotowicz (http://blog.kotowicz.net/)

So if you're testing this (still alpha), be sure to update.

UPDATE: Krzysztof Kotowicz published a detailed write-up about cr-gpg bugs on his blog.



2012-09-28 09:36:03 = koto
Nice findings, congratulations :) Those vulnerabilities could be chained together so that there's almost no user interaction. I'll publish the exploit code and the blogpost in a few days.
2012-09-28 18:08:50 = Gynvael Coldwind
Same, congratz :)
I've added a link to said post above - it's a cool write-up.

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