As you probably know, we've run into some serious technical problems during the webinar (who would suspect a hangouts outage, huh), which caused both a 40 minute delay, changing the platform and some minor problems on the line (like lack of recording). So, as promised, I did record the talk again and I've just posted it on YouTube, to be enjoyed by everyone who couldn't see the live one, or decided to wait for the video for other reasons (the technical problems being a good one).

Context: please refer to this post.

"Data, data, data! I can't make bricks without clay." A few practical notes on reverse-engineering.

Direct YouTube link: click

The talk was done as part of Garage4Hackers Ranchoddas Series.

Slides: here
Scripts, etc: here

Once again sorry for the technical issues during the live talk.
Let me know what you think about the talk (questions are welcome as well) :)



2014-03-20 11:49:05 = duraven
Thanks a lot for the webinar, I enjoyed it and it was worth to wait a little longer :P I liked the topic and the way you've chosen to present stuff. You did a really nice overview of different approaches and ideas how to solve various problems. Haha and that "U mad" with trollface had just broken me up xD The only thing that I was little disappointed about were questions at the end, I thought the g4h team will collect the most interesting/valuable ones and pass to you, but the questions hadn't been sorted at all and it ended up with pretty much very beginners asks like "how to find a function" etc. Thanks again and I hope you'll do more webinars in future, it's really cool to watch it live :P
2014-03-24 01:35:37 = Parsia
Thanks for the webinar. Extremely useful. I watched the original on twitch and I really like that you added more stuff in the re-recording :)
2014-03-25 08:51:50 = neo1981
Dear duraven,
At the time of webinar not many high level questions were asked on IRC. So G4H team had nothing much to filter out and because of the technical glitches that pushed us to lower resource alternatives, Gynvael took all queries out of which some were entry level. Nonetheless none of the quality questions were left out because of this.
Also if you think there are unanswered queries, they can always be posted on Forum or answered on IRC
2014-03-25 11:18:26 = Gynvael Coldwind
Ah, the questions were kinda my fault - sadly my voice was kinda dying at the end of the talk, so I decided to answer only a couple of the question.
Nonetheless I think you are right. Let's do it like this - I'll grep the logs for all the questions and try to answer them all in form of a blog post. This should do the job, right?

I'm happy you liked it :)
2014-03-26 17:19:41 = duraven
@neo1981, Gynvael
Sorry I really didn't mean to sound claiming. Like I said I liked the webinar a lot, it was great and I'm perfectly happy with everything. Please leave the logs and don't waste time for that, it's definitely not worth it.
Congratz for the Insomni'hack win and thanks again for the talk
2014-03-27 11:45:04 = Gynvael Coldwind
Don't worry, I was referring mostly to my inner feeling that I should take more time to answer questions :)
All in all I'll look through the questions again and see how much time I have, and maybe it will be made into a decent blog post :)

I'm happy that you liked the talk and thanks!

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