Yesterday I had the pleasure to co-present with Ange Albertini (@angealbertini) - if you are into binary stuff, you probably know his website - corkami, which has all sorts of cool stuff, from posters detailing binary format (e.g PE 101) to binary polyglots, etc. We talked about "schizophrenic files", i.e. various file formats which get interpreted differently depending on what program you use (e.g. a BMP image which, when viewed in one viewer, shows a cat but when using a different one shows a flying shark). Basically the story goes that we both did (separately) some more or less random digging on (or more accurately in my case: randomly stumbling on) behaviors which allow one to create a file which is open to creative interpretation by the software, or (more commonly) parser authors just decide to not follow the specs or understand them in a different way; we decided to gather all this in one place and hence the talk. We presented it at Area41 in Zurich (which btw turned out to be really well organized and awesome conference). Slides and PoCs are available below.

Slides: Schizophrenic files (Ange Albertini, Gynvael Coldwind)
PoCs: Schizophrens (PoC) ("All" contains all the files from the directories)

As usual, feedback is most welcome!


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