Security Days 6, day 1

As one may know, yesterday at 8pm, the first day of the Internet phase of the Security Days 6 tournament began. The deadline for sending solutions to the first practical task was initially set to today, 9pm, but because of an attack on the main webpage of the tournament (a DDoS I was told) the deadline was changed to tomorrow 9pm. I'm not amused, since I wanted to post today some info about the first practical task, which imho was just about right for the first day - pretty easy, but still interesting. Well, I guess I'll write about it tomorrow ;>

By the way, I wonder who was feeling overwhelmed by the task / tournament so much that he decided to shutdown the server. Hmm, maybe I could give him some of my spam.. I ignore it anyway, but maybe he could use some 'enlarge you penis' pills or sth ;D

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