TL;DR: Please vote for the Community Choice Award in Gynvael's Winter GameDev Challenge 2017/18 (deadline for voting is 23:59 CET on 28 Jan 2018).

Longer version: The goal of my Winter Challenge was for participants to create a tactical turn-based game in JavaScript that would fit within a 20KB limit and have the form of a single HTML file that works well on the most up to date version of Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows 10. I received 14 entries for the competition, two of which unfortunately didn't fully meet the criteria (one of which I still decided to showcase, but it won't be in the final ranking), which leaves 12 games to be considered for both Best Game Award (chosen by me) and Community Choice Award (chosen by you).

Community Choice Award
Starting with the latter - to see and play the games please go to the following website:

You can both read about the games there, as well as see a ~2 minute raw footage of each game and play the game yourself (look for the "Click here to play!" link).

Also, please vote!
• To vote for a given entry please upvote a given video (i.e. click the 'thumbs up' button under the video on YouTube).
• You can vote on all the entries you liked.
• The deadline for voting is 23:59 CET on 28 Jan 2018 - at that time I'll do a snapshot of upvotes for all the videos and map that to 1st-3rd places of this award.

Best Game Award
I'm still to grade the games (and perhaps ask various people for a second opinion - still to be decided) and I expect this to be a hard task as the games are pretty awesome.

I'll announce the winners of both categories near the end the month (i.e. between 29 and 31 of January).

That's about it for now. Please cast your vote(s) for the Community Choice Award - thanks!


2018-01-29 11:10:59 = Vassildador
Hey Gynvael,
I sent you an email with some contest feedback, but it possibly ended up in your spam due to a possibly dubious link being present :)

Looking forward to the results!

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