PWNing 2018: Looking for sponsors

I realize that it's quite a long shot posting this request on the English side of my blog, but it may be worth a try, so here it goes :)

Security PWNing is a Polish commercial (i.e. you need to buy a ticket) conference I help co-organize, i.e. I'm responsible for selecting speakers, CFP, etc; most of the conference work itself is done by folks from the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN. There have been two successful editions so far, one in 2016 and one in 2017, and both had over 300 participants attendees. The conference itself is mostly in Polish, with simultaneous translation to English available starting this year (that's why I said it's a "long shot" at the beginning), and it's purely technical with some additional security/privacy popular science talks.

Anyway, we're looking for sponsors (companies, individuals, we're not picky) that would be able to add some funds into the mix that could be used to help cover either the standard conference expenses, or some extras we would like for to happen (e.g. ranked open CTF with cool prizes, or electronic badges).

So if you know someone / could ask someone about it, and they would be interested, please direct them my way (gynvael@coldwind.pl) - thanks :)


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