Arcane Sector game screenshot featuring a road going through the forest with a building in the background.

Dragon CTF 2018 main event took place last week at the Security PWNing Conference in Warsaw, Poland (you can find the final scoreboard in these two tweets). On my next livestream (this Wednesday 8pm CET) I'll go through a set of challenges from this CTF, all related to the Arcane Sector Online - an old-school-like (think: Ishar, Eye of Beholder, Dungeon Master) MMORPG game developed for the sole purpose of being hacked at during our competition.

I'll add that the game sources will be released soon, and that you'll be able to try to solve (most) the challenges yourselves as well.

For now, some more screenshots (click to zoom):


2018-11-28 16:28:34 = kazabobu
PWNing 2018?
2018-11-30 01:00:04 = Gynvael Coldwind
Not sure what's the question about, but yeah, Security PWNing 2018 -

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