A snippet from CTFtime.org: 1. Dragon Sector, 1090 points. 2. PPP, 991 points. 3. p4, 628 points.

Just a short archivist's note about the 2018 CTFtime.org season - it seems we (i.e. Dragon Sector) got the top score! The legendary Plaid Parliament of Pwning was close-second (one top-tier CTF difference basically), with another Polish team - p4 - taking the third place (congratz!).

You can find a longer blog post about how the 2018 season looked from our perspective on my team's blog:

The new (2019) season will start with Insomni'hack teaser CTF 2019. We actually have quite a streak with this CTF - we've won it 5 times in a row so far, so I guess we've set a starting bar quite high for us. Should be fun :).

In any case... for all the players that played 2018 or/and will play in 2019: GG, HF GL!
See you soon :)

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