GWGC 2018/19: Winners


While we might not have an oscar-like ceremony, the winners were already announced today during a joint livestream on LiveOverflow's channel. During the stream we went through the 6 Top Games as well as through 4 Honorable Mentions we decided to award. You can see a recording at the bottom of the post or here on YouTube.

But now, without further ado, the Winner, Top Places and Honorable Mentions from Gynvael's Winter GameDev Challenge 2018/19!

1. Sigma-18 by Krzysztof Jamróz (prize: 250 USD giftcard)
2. Space Hacker 3000 by Laila Los (200 USD giftcard)
3. Haxor2000 by Redssu (150 USD giftcard)
4. Conway haz life? by Kevin Fitch (125 USD giftcard)
5. spacewithoutx by Arenam (100 USD giftcard)
6. Init Player One by gamernissem, pigcowhybrid, icedeathblade (75 USD giftcard)

HM: Null Space by ognjenkatic (prize: 50 USD giftcard)
HM: Grand Hackster by Mateusz Morszczyzna (prize: 50 USD giftcard)
HM: Infestation by Drakir, Lowcase (prize: 50 USD giftcard)
HM: Space Saver! by Thomas LEDOS (prize: 50 USD giftcard)

We will be contacting winners in the next few days about the prizes.

You can play all the games at http://gwgc2018.gynvael.tv (and there are 25 of them in total!).

Thank you everyone for participating and see you in the summer for the Summer GameDev Challenge 2019!

P.S. Livestream recording:


2019-03-05 01:39:40 = dcp
Hi Gynvael, does game author Redssu have a website? Their game Haxor2000 is awesome and I had a lot of fun playing it.
2019-03-05 08:21:21 = Gynvael Coldwind
Hmm, I don't know, but I'll ask :).
2019-03-05 08:41:46 = Redssu
Hello dcp,

Unfortunately I don't have website, but I'll put latest news on one of forums. It can be a little problem to you, because it's in Polish. I'm teenager, so I haven't got enough money to spend it to host website.
I have also Twitter account, @__Bitwise, there I'll post information about the game too.

Thanks for good words.

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