GSGC2019: Winners


Gynvael's Summer GameDev Challenge 2019
The deadline for Gynvael's Summer GameDev Challenge 2019 was today around 2PM Zurich time, and since there weren't a lot of submissions (actually, there was only one), I expedited selecting the winner and awarding prizes.

Given the above, please join me in congratulating the sole winner of GSGC 2019!

1. Shutterbug by RustiSub (prize: 300 USD giftcard)

The vector graphics requirement seemed to be a pretty hard one - I'm pretty sure this contributed to the uncommonly low participation - yet RustiSub's game's graphic style is spot on and is an excellent proof that you can do quite a lot with just vectors (one of the reasons I've decided to increase the prize by 50%). Yet I feel we've barely scratched the surface, so vectors will be back - though most likely as part of other, smaller competitions.

The next event in this constrained game dev challenge series will be Gynvael's Winter GameDev Challenge 2019/20 - look out for it around December 2019!



2019-10-06 19:26:20 = failure
I tried to make something, but it seemed as though the world mobilized against me. C'est la vie.

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