GSGC2019: Winners


Gynvael's Summer GameDev Challenge 2019
The deadline for Gynvael's Summer GameDev Challenge 2019 was today around 2PM Zurich time, and since there weren't a lot of submissions (actually, there was only one), I expedited selecting the winner and awarding prizes.

Given the above, please join me in congratulating the sole winner of GSGC 2019!

1. Shutterbug by RustiSub (prize: 300 USD giftcard)

The vector graphics requirement seemed to be a pretty hard one - I'm pretty sure this contributed to the uncommonly low participation - yet RustiSub's game's graphic style is spot on and is an excellent proof that you can do quite a lot with just vectors (one of the reasons I've decided to increase the prize by 50%). Yet I feel we've barely scratched the surface, so vectors will be back - though most likely as part of other, smaller competitions.

The next event in this constrained game dev challenge series will be Gynvael's Winter GameDev Challenge 2019/20 - look out for it around December 2019!



2019-10-06 17:26:20 = failure
I tried to make something, but it seemed as though the world mobilized against me. C'est la vie.
2019-10-23 15:52:32 = vassildador
The combination of the SVG intro requirement, the gamedev challenge being in september and a new job killed it for me this time around.

I was happy to help out RustiSub with compression and some general advice though, as you probably noticed by the project setup. The two of us have been doing some game jams together and sharing projects we're working on for quite a while, so in some sense I still participated :D

Hopefully I'll be able to attend the winter challenge. I miss making these kind of games.

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