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Just in case you were thinking about speaking at confidence 2020 in Krakow in May: the CFP is about to be over, so submit now (or ideally: yesterday). Confidence is one of the longest running Polish technical security conferences, and also one of the largest ones. I had the pleasure of speaking there a few times, and now I'm in the program committee for the last couple of years. It's a fun event, especially for networking with the Polish security scene.

What's in it for you? Preparing for a conference takes a lot of time and effort. To appreciate your effort they offer: — Free conference entry + discounts for your mates/coworkers — Cover of your travel expenses — Accommodation during the conference — Speaker dinners and other events — Sightseeing Cracow How to become a speaker? They will need your: — Name, surname, and e-mail of the speaker — Short biography* — Photo* — The topic of the presentation* — Short description of the topic (max. 500 words)* — Non-standard technical requirements (do you need any additional equipment for the lecture?) — Minimal level of knowledge required from the audience — Category of your talk (such as malware, phishing, etc.)

And just in case you reaaallyyy don't know what's this about, the conference organizers included this hilarious tutorial:

Photo of a conference room with 3 text balloons. The first one points to the large screen at the head of the room and says 'Your presentation here'. The second one points at the presenter and says 'You stay here', and the last one points to the crowd and says 'They are listening here'.

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