Paged Out! #3 is out

paged out

After four long years of wait Issue #3 of Paged Out! is finally out!

Where to download? Here in the Download Issues section. It's free. There's no catch. Enjoy!

If you're wondering what is Paged Out!, it's an experimental IT/electronics magazine where each article has exactly one page – and we have 48 50 of these! And there's a mix of topics there. E.g. in Issue #3 we have:

  • Programming,
  • Networks,
  • Reverse Engineering,
  • Security/Hacking,
  • Cryptography,
  • Hardware,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • File Formats,
  • Art,
  • and Sysadmin stuff (we really need a better name for this category)!

This issue is a bit lacking in the areas of Retro (I guess PS4 isn't retro yet, but we do have some SuperH), Demoscene, Radio, and a few other topics. So, if you'd like to write something for us in these or other areas, we have some good news! Call For Articles for Issue #4 is open! Check out this page for details. Please please consider contributing to Paged Out! :)

At the same time I have to note that a lot has happened over the course of the last few years on the PO! side and if you're interested to get a glimpse behind the scenes, check out the editorial of Issue #3 (on the first page after the cover) as well as our Paged Out! Institute blog.


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