Unfortunately, due to medical reasons within my immediate family, despite my plans and intentions, I will not be able to fly to Monday's/Tuesday's CONFidence'24, for which I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone. Don't worry, nothing bad has happened – it’s simply safer for me to be nearby at home for the next few days.

As a result:
- Paweł Maziarz will be giving our joint presentation on his own – fortunately, Paweł is an absolutely excellent speaker and has a ton of his own material in the presentation (although he will still get a few slides from me). I'll add that we considered a hybrid model (Paweł in the room, me remotely), but ultimately, we feared that it simply wouldn’t work well.
- I won't be able to sign books – I especially want to apologize to those who in recent months have asked where they can catch me to sign books, and to whom I said I would be at CONFidence. I will be in Krakow again in September, but you can always write to me (preferably on Discord) and ask about upcoming opportunities to get a signature.
- I also won't be able to give a proverbial "high five" to all of you whom I wanted to see and talk to :(
- I would also like to thank Paweł and Monika from PROIDEA for their understanding and empathy – as a speaker and conference organizer myself, I know that a suddenly unavailable speaker can greatly disrupt plans.
- Paweł and I are considering doing a full version of the presentation online sometime – so that it can still take place in the originally planned form. We’ll let you know as soon as something is decided (though it's likely to still be in Polish).
- To sweeten the situation, I’ll reveal that either during CONFidence or shortly after, PO!#4 will be released.

Despite the above, I wish everyone a successful CONFidence – fingers crossed that this will be the best edition ever! :)

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