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Few days ago two identical e-mails arrived at my mail box. Both with a job offer that smelled like dirty money laundry. The funny thing was the signature:

from:    Logan Mccoy  (1st e-mail)
from:    Johnie Rankin (2nd e-mail)
subject: Kaiera dla Ciebie (polish for Career for You)


Randomnoe imya i familiya

What? Randomnoe imya and familiya? I don't have to be a language-expert to translate it into 'random name and forename'.
Looks like someone forget to code/attach the random signature inserting procedure ;D

On the other hand, I wonder how many people will really notice it, and think twice before applying for the 'job'...


2008-12-03 15:55:58 = David
I'm sure that a lot of someguys will write back to "Mr.Randomnoe" asking for the job ;)


Nice blog Michael (Hope will see you soon!).

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