PiXiEServ screen shotA few years back, we've been (i.e. j00ru and Gynvael) working on a bootkit-related project (some polish SecDay'09 presentation slides can be found here: Bootkit vs Windows.pdf). One of its basic requirements was the ability to load custom boot-"sectors" from an external host in the local network. Since the publicly available solutions required too much time to be spent on configuration and we didn't need most of the offered functionality anyway, we decided to create an extremely simplified Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) server on our own, and so PiXiEServ came to be. Actually, a great majority of the source code was written by Gynvael, with only few modifications applied by me (i.e. j00ru).

Post dostępny jedynie po angielskiej stronie lustra.

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