CPC464 1-to-2 joystick port splitter (EN only)

Some time ago I've learned that you could connect two joysticks to the one-joystick-port CPC464 (you know, the old 8-bit computer I've already mentioned in few posts). So, I decided to practice my electronic skill, dig into the topic and make myself whatever piece of hardware is required to actually make two-joystick connection possible. Today I've finished the "1-to-2 joystick port splitter" and decided to document both the project, as well as the problems, the solutions, and the failures.

Post dostępny jedynie po angielskojęzycznej stronie lustra.


2012-03-19 17:40:13 = noname
Nice, could you show us your another electronic projects? and could you write bit more in future posts about your electronic experiences?:)

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