PyConPl'15 logoJust a short note that the video from my talk "Python in a hacker's toolbox" (PyConPl'15) is already available on youtube. The slides can be found here.

A classical language set used by a security specialist included assembly and C, sometimes joined by C++ and usually quite a lot of Bash as well. A few years ago it seemed that Perl, and later Ruby, will become the scripting language of choice in the security field, however another contender - Python - was gaining user base too. Today it's rather obvious that Python won its place in the hacker's toolbox, especially given that a great deal of important tools of trade allow to be instrumented/scripted using it - examples include even the most basic utensils - IDA, GDB and Burp. Furthermore, Python with its set of standard libraries makes it extremely easy to create ad-hoc tools whenever they're needed. At the same time, due to rich introspection mechanisms, the language itself is an object of fascination from the security scene. The talk will focus on a few selected cases of Python intertwining with the security world.

The talk is basically a mix of Python related topics I've touched during other talks I gave (commonly with j00ru) - this includes:
■ "Data, data, data..." (English, blog post + video)
■ "On the battlefield with the dragons" (English, blog post + video)
■ "Ataki na systemy i sieci komputerowe" (Polish, slides)
■ "Pwning (sometimes) with style - Dragons' notes on CTFs" (English, slides)




2015-12-01 05:41:19 = Gdogg
Awesome talk!

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