So my first livestream in English took place yesterday evening (i.e. evening in my timezone) and it went rather smoothly - nothing crashed, broadcasting was not interrupted at any time and I even was able to go through both ReRe (Python RE 500) and EPZP (x86-64 Linux RE 50) challenges. The archived video is already up on YouTube (see also below) and what's left to do is ask about about your opinion: what do you think? Or, to be more precise, what do you think about stream quality, the content, the way I was presenting things (i.e. talking about what is happening, but sacrificing speed due to that), the chat, and so on? What topics would you like to hear about next (another CTF challenge or maybe something else)? Please use the comment section below - your opinion is welcomed!

EDIT: see also this twitter poll: LiveCoding or YouTube?

Livestream starts at 15:20

See you next week!


2016-07-16 08:43:27 = Chris Warrick
Livecoding is still an awful platform, you’d be better off on YouTube, with conversation in both YT comments and on IRC. There is no rewind option on Livecoding, the connection is spotty here, and requires Flash with click-to-play disabled.

As for your English: great, but try practising the /th/ sounds, the phrase “in the end” sounds more like “in VM”.

Minor technical question, why do you not have the current working directory as part of your shell prompt?
2016-07-16 09:21:54 = Michał Matuszewski
I agree with Chris, YouTube is a much better platform IMO.

Your English is fine, you really have nothing to worry about :)

As for the pace you were going at - I think it's good you explain everything, so that even people with no background in RE can understand what's going on.
2016-07-16 10:21:54 = naka
In general your English is good. I have the impression, that you are lowering your voice intentionally (same thing in Polish videos), am I wrong? It would be nice if you write up 5-10 points (50 words max) short summary of what you did. What was great: explaining what are you thinking, why you choose this but not that approach, what is important, why you just read strings but not actual bytecode, etc.
How do you feel in the netSec area?
2016-07-16 12:39:09 = onizuka
Great livestream. I liked the combination of a more difficult challenge with an easy challenge so every viewer regardless of skill level in RE gets something out of it.

It would be nice if you mention what challenges are going to be solved when you announce a date for the livestream. I would have actually liked to toy around with the challenges to get a bit more out of the livestream.

Maybe also provide an IRC channel to talk on? (#livectf on freenode can be abused for this, I think)

Video quality was flawless and your English is very understandable.
2016-07-16 16:01:47 = meta
Awesome, you did a great a job at sharing your knowledges. You actually gave me the interest to get back to RE after a 10yrs+ break.
2016-07-16 21:23:04 = KrzaQ
@onizuka we do have #gynvaelstream at freenode. It's a Polish channel right now, but there's nothing stopping us from speaking English - at the very least during English streams.
2016-07-16 23:49:48 = lolex1000
Livecoding is bad (video stopped several times, needed refreshing whole page; it shows notifications during stream which need to be closed manually; does not work properly in firefox, at least for me), YT is much better.
2016-07-17 12:18:49 = Alex
Hi, great presentation!

What is the name of the alternative conhost.exe you said you where using ?

2016-07-17 13:27:57 = someone

Take a look at
2016-07-17 23:47:55 = chris
Great presentation, keep it up !

Looking forward to your next session.
2016-07-18 07:56:02 = Gynvael Coldwind
Thank you for your opinions :)

@Chris Warrick
Ack, noted. Please vote on this poll:

Ad "in the end" vs "in VM" - huh, thanks, I'll try to keep this in mind :)

Ad "cwd" - well, we already had a discussion about this on IRC, but as I've said there, I like to have CWD in the console window's title bar, but if that is not available, then I don't really feel the need to have it (for a couple of terminals I just remember which is where, and if I forget / have to many of them, I type cd or pwd).
That being said, on some computers I'm using which is pretty neat and has two-lined prompt, with CWD in a separate line.

@Michał Matuszewski
Noted, please vote on this poll: :)

Haha that's actually funny, since I something think my voice goes really high on the stream. Anyway, no, that's just my voice, I'm not lowering it :)

Ad a summary - that's a cool idea :)

If you're asking about network security, then that's not really my area. I tend to stick around low-level security, web security, system security, reverse engineering and coding; of course I know the basics of network security, but not anything close to people who are really into that topic.

Thanks for commenting :)

Ad announcing challenges earlier - that's a good idea, noted :)

About IRC channel - as KrzaQ mentioned in the comments, we do have #gynvaelstream @ freenode, but technically it's a channel for Polish streams. I think I should make some -en version or sth to not mix the languages (i.e. to not exclude people not speaking English/Polish while speaking the other language on chat).


Glad to hear that :)

Ack, noted - please vote on this poll:

As @someone already said (thanks!) it's conemu. And it actually uses conhost.exe as well, so it's more a wrapper than an alternative.

Thanks :)

2016-07-19 13:47:28 = Arek
it was very good! thanks for your time!

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