I still have a stupid cold, so most of the time I lie in bed trying to get better, hence another short news (I hope that tomorrow I can manage to write something more interesting for you guys).

Yesterday in Ruda Śląska (Upper Silesia, south Poland) the final round of Security Days 6 took place. I wasn't sure if I could go there (because of the stupid cold I have ;/), but I made it! Beside me (I was tied for top3 in the qualifying round), adam_i (top1 from the QR), mFly (top3), MaK (top4), and faramir (top7, he took part in the finals substituting eMBe, who couldn't make it) took part in the final (in my category).
The Finals were very interesting, and with on a really descent level - 6 tasks to break (2 web-based, 2 shell-based, and 2 "telnet"-based - you talked with them via telnet/netcat on some strange ports). The tasks were not easy, and non manage to break them all (there were only 3 hours for all of them). I'll write more on tasks later.
Anyway, after 3 hours the results arrived, and were as follow:

1. that would be me ;>
2. adam_i
3. MaK
4. mFly
5. faramir

I'll write something more about the finals later :)

And as a desert - Photos from SekIT 2008 ;>

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